Onshore drilling-Exploration and Management
This wiki research will discuss the onshore drilling operations mainly on the exploration and management. Onshore drilling mainly refers to discovery and development of hydrocarbons (oil and gas) on land. The term can also refer to drilling in extreme land conditions such as ice covered field and desert. The process involves preliminary work, rigs selections, drilling in extreme conditions and well control.
The preliminary work includes finding a prospective location as recommended by geophysicists and geologists, land leasing agreement and approval from authorized body and the government, rig personnel and infrastructure.
Selections of rigs are extremely important for onshore drilling operation since the requirements for rigs and drilling equipment vary according to the depth, hole size, location and formation characteristic of different wells.
Drilling in extreme conditions is challenging and difficult. Extreme conditions mean drilling in ice covered field, desert etc. We will consider the environment impacts, special equipments and personnel required as well as safety issues. Since pressure and temperature can be quite different from drilling under normal condition it can cause huge impact in drilling process. Additionally, looking at the way the engineers manage to overcome the challenges and difficulties by selecting the appropriate drilling equipment.
Another part of onshore drilling is dealing with well control. It includes preventing the blowout, kick and loses by maintaining the pressure gradient.

Learning goals and expected achievements
The learning goals include gaining some knowledge about preliminary work which include working with the geophysicists and geologists, understanding the topic by doing own research such as rig selections, well control and obtaining an understanding when dealing with drilling in extreme conditions such as ice covered field, desert etc. The expectations of this research is to achieve a better understanding in individual work skill, team work and further knowledge in process of discovery and development of oil and gas via onshore drilling outside the class.